Established on April 4th 1977 ABEAM's main objective is to contribute to the development of brazilian Offshore Support activities related to hydrocarbon and mineral exploration and production in the Brazilian continental shelf.

Offshore Support activities in Brazil have been growing along the years and is currently in full bloom.

With the new Brazilian oil policy enabling contracts with foreign companies for the exploration of new oil fields in the continental shelf, besides Petrobras, other companies recently established in Brazil have been boosting their activities significantly increasing the demand for Offshore Support equipment and vessels.

ABEAM member companies are qualified to operate all classes of Offshore Support vessels.


The evolution of Maritime Support activities in Brazil occurred in periods marked by the following steps:

Implementation – 1968 to 1975 – The first oil discoveries offshore. The import of the first 13 vessels for Petrobras.

Expansion – 1976 to 1981 – Brazilian fleet totals 44 vessels. Petrobras transfers to Brazilian navigation companies support boat fleet operations.

Consolidation – 1982 to 1989 – Operation of the first semi-submersible platforms. Procurement in public bidding for Brazilian shipowners. The Brazilian fleet of Maritime Support reaches 110 vessels.

Disarticulation – 1990 to 1997 – indiscriminate opening of the market reached the shipbuilding industry and navigation. Foreign companies come to dominate the market. Waste of technology, waste of jobs and foreign exchange drain. The fleet of Maritime Support Brazilian flag drops to 43 vessels.

New proposal (from 1977) – With the enactment of Law # 9432/97 providing on waterway transportation, through ABEAM Brazilian Offshore Support companies submit a fleet modernization program involving local construction of vessels appropriate to deep and ultra-deep water operation.

The program is being implemented successfully allowing the increase of the Brazilian fleet with addition of new vessels equipped with modern facilities and equipment, appropriate to market demands. The program has been successfully implemented enabling the enlargement of the Brazilian fleet by adding new vessels equipped with modern equipment and facilities, meeting market requirements.

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