How to become a member of Abeam?

To be an associated of ABEAM, need the following requirements:

a) Being a Brazilian Enterprise Navigation (EBN), granted by the National Agency for Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ) to operate in maritime support;
b) Own vessel operating in maritime support, and
c) Be a Syndarma's member.

After being admitted as a member of Syndarma, send correspondence to ABEAM requesting admission to the membership, reporting that the vessel is operating in support maritime and who will be the representative of the company to ABEAM.

Syndarma / Abeam

Rua Visconde de Inhaúma, 134 – Grupo 1005 – Centro
Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil – Zip Code 20091-901
Phone: +55 (21) 3232-5600
Fax: +55 (21) 3232-5619

Syndarma –


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